Smart Contracts Layer

The self-execution and automation of on-chain AI software.

The Smart Contracts Layer enables the various features and functionalities that perform on-chain transactions, enabling the AI Protocol to automate the execution of predetermined conditions that bridge the Intelligence Layer, Asset Layer, and the dApps that are used to interface with said functions - with the Settlement Layer.

These Smart Contracts are fundamental to executing Hive Registry Contracts, perform Governance Voting via Snapshot proposals, administering token transaction contracts, and enable functions like the Fusion of an Intelligence Pod with an NFT to create an iNFT.

V3 of the AI Protocol is the latest iteration of the Smart Contract Suite that powers the tech stack and features several upgrades that power the creation of ALI Agents, and bridges them to the crowdsourced clusters of GPUs operating off-chain that fulfills inference requests from ALI Agents by running AI models, called “Decentralized Inference Clusters.”

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