The ALI Agent

Every ALI Agent is an onchain agentic AI system that contains its own embedded liquidity in the form of a bonding curve smart contract. All ALI Agents have the ability to access and utilize a wide range of resources within the AI Protocol's Ecosystem. These include AI Models, Datasets, and Storage capacities, all integral to the functionality of the Agent.

Specialized Functionalities

All ALI Agents may utilize one or more AI Models along with additional components (storage, datasets, etc) of the AI Protocol through Hives on the Intelligence Layer, to form a specialized functionality.

An ALI Agent could be configured to serve as an image generator, an article writer, an entertaining personality, act as a personal companion, function as a travel agent, provide tutoring in mathematics, enable video creation, and much more.

For example, consider a developer who wants to create a dApp that offers a suite of AI services including LLM-powered responses, image generation, and video creation. To do this effectively, the developer would need to either own or have access to a collection, or "swarm," of ALI Agents, each configured with the necessary specialized functionalities. By harnessing the collective capabilities of these Agents, the dApp can offer comprehensive and advanced AI services to its users, showcasing the power and versatility of the AI Protocol's ecosystem. One such dApp that is currently available to create and interact with ALI Agents is

Embedded Liquidity

A notable feature of all ALI Agents is their capability to issue unique digital assets, termed "Keys," which come with non-custodial embedded liquidity.

This attribute of embedded liquidity is particularly important in addressing one of the notable challenges in the Blockchain Industry: the issue of low liquidity associated with many blockchain-based assets, such as Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). There have been numerous instances where projects and individuals issued tokens that suffered from low liquidity. This often left token holders with assets they couldn't easily sell.

Recently, the Web3 space has seen new projects emerge that have leveraged the power of tokens with non-custodial embedded liquidity. These projects enabled the buying and selling of the tokens via a bonding curve, while locking the liquidity within a decentralized smart contract. This empowered their users to sell their assets by utilizing the embedded liquidity within the smart contract.

Therefore, the AI Protocol's smart contracts enable every ALI Agent to issue Keys and leverage the power of a community - while offering some protection to its Key holders. Key Holders enjoy special privileges, including being rewarded for participating in the evolution of the Agent they hold Keys of.

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