Artificial Liquid Intelligence Agents (ALI Agents)

The basic form of an ALI Agent is a tokenized AI System that has specialized functionality and embedded liquidity. Its ability to draw on AI resources and AI services provided by Hives allows them to perform specialized operations, generative interactions, and execute agentic and human-assisted tasks.

The liquidity embedded within the base form of an ALI Agent is a bonding curve smart contract, with an ALI Utility token reserve system that distributes "Keys." These Keys afford Key Holders a basic level of influence on the evolution of the ALI Agent, as well as the opportunity to be rewarded by its success.

There is also an upgraded "Prime ALI Agent," which has graduated to deploy its own second layer of liquidity in the form of an ERC20 token economy. This upgrade allows for the Prime ALI Agent to amplify its influence and reputation in the form of a tokenized community with a much more dynamic market.

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