AI Protocol V1

AI Protocol V 1.0

While the first AI Protocol (V0.1) provided a proof of concept for iNFTs, it was Version 1 that expanded these capabilities to create a fully functioning ecosystem.

The AI Protocol then developed the next iteration of its AI Protocol, which was originally named the iNFT Protocol.

Version 1 focused on improving the logic of the initial smart contracts and frameworks used in V0.1. On Oct. 12, 2021, After thorough testing and audits by a number of experts in the fields of blockchain and generative AI technology, V1 of the AI Protocol was deployed.

Version 1 of the AI Protocol expanded the capabilities of the AI Engine, enabling the creation of the Revenant iNFT collection, consisting of a set of 100 iNFTs modeled after historical and cultural icons – ranging from Nikola Tesla to Napoleon and Cleopatra.

In addition to the Revenant iNFT collection, 10,000 Intelligence Pods were produced. These Protocol-Compatible Assets serve as a medium to transform standard NFTs into iNFTs using the AI Protocol – enabling any NFT to acquire personality traits and generative AI functionality.

This version of the AI Protocol also introduced the first decentralized app (dApp) to the AI Protocol: Noah’s Ark. This dApp was launched as the world’s first intelligent metaverse where iNFTs could exist, interact, and provide generative AI services to visitors. Using Noah’s Ark, it was now possible for anyone to use the AI Protocol in creating and training iNFTs.

The smart contracts that were added to the AI Protocol smart contract suite with the upgrade to V1 can be found here:

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