How To Manage A Hive

Setting the standard for Hive curation

After a Hive is created, most of its on-chain components (like the Utility Token as well as Payments and Rewards Contracts, etc.) are deployed automatically.

The Hive’s creator is expected to follow the documentation and guidelines of the AI Protocol in order to deploy and start the various off-chain components of the Hive. These actions may include: running the software that enables the inference cluster of GPUs and starts the Storage Units cluster, configuring the rewards smart contract, setting up the event trackers for on-chain activities, etc.

Read the AI Protocol's GitBook to learn how to Create/Update/Join a Hive

In short, just like the Miners of Public Blockchains like Ethereum and Bitcoin are expected to follow the rules and standards of their respective protocols, each Hive is reliant on its creator to accurately follow the rules and guidelines shared in the AI Protocol’s documentation.

If the Hive is not managed or run properly by its creator, it will naturally see the resource providers and the assets connected to it (as well as off-chain AI Models, Datasets, etc.) move to other Hives. Similarly, in the future - well run Hives could allow for their creators choose to charge a small premium to those looking to access its resources.

The AI Protocol participants, competition with other Hives, and reward incentives will therefore help ensure that the majority of the Hives are reliable and efficient in their operations.

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