Hive-Native Utility Tokens

A Hive-native utility token for Level 5 ALI Agents

A Hive is a system that allows ALI Agents to have decentralized access to AI, storage, and other resources by enabling trustless coordination between various on-chain and off-chain components of the AI Protocol. Any Intelligence Pod that has been upgraded to become a Level 5 Pod and fused with a ALI Agent to create a Level 5 ALI Agent has the ability to create a Hive.

Every Hive functions with its own native utility token. The creator of the Hive can either choose to mint a new utility token for the Hive, or use an existing token for it. The owner of the Hive can then choose to create a Liquidity Pool, reward the resource providers with the Hive's native utility token, and execute Airdrops featuring the Hive's token to increase the participation in the Hive's ecosystem.

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