AI Protocol V2

Protocol V2

In January 2023, the AI Protocol upgraded to Version 2. The goal of V2 was to expand both the power and scalability of the AI Protocol ecosystem. It also provided the opportunity to move forward with the progressive decentralization of the AI Protocol’s governance structure.

Version 2 featured a number of significant upgrades to the AI Protocol and its ecosystem, including:

  • The addition of an Intelligence Layer. AI Protocol V2 added a new Intelligence Layer to its tech stack. This layer was designed to provide a suite of AI models and systems for the AI Protocol, including the flagship AI model – CharacterGPT. By utilizing the Intelligence Layer, iNFTs could begin to provide AI Services across all current and future dApps on the Application Layer of the AI Protocol. This update unlocked not only cross-dApp interoperability for iNFTs, but also the capability to power the dApps themselves, by utilizing the intelligence imbued into the iNFTs.

  • Expansion of the AI Protocol to the Polygon network. Version 2 of the AI Protocol expanded Smart Contract execution beyond the Ethereum blockchain, enabling developers and participants of the Polygon blockchain to interact with, and leverage, the AI Protocol. This expansion enabled a much more affordable and frictionless way for users and developers of smart contracts to participate in the AI Protocol ecosystem.

  • The evolution of Intelligence Pods and iNFTs. After more than a year of learning and training from crowdsourced interactions on Version 1, the artificial intelligence engines of the AI Protocol have evolved. In Version 2, Intelligence Pods unlocked the ability to create decentralized applications (dApps) on the Application Layer of the AI Protocol. With this upgrade, the iNFTs could begin to provide those same services to other Protocol-Compatible Assets.

  • The implementation of Snapshot governance. The ultimate goal of the AI Protocol is progressive decentralization – a process where control and governance of the ecosystem will be placed in the hands of its users. In Version 2, the AI Protocol launched the first phase of this process. Using the Snapshot governance tool, the AI Protocol held its first vote on its Constitution. The voting process was initiated on Dec. 23, 2022 and was successfully adopted on December 30th, 2022.

The Polygon network smart contract that was added to the AI Protocol smart contract suite with the upgrade to V2 can be found here:

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