The Prime ALI Agent

Any ALI Agent can be upgraded to become a Prime ALI Agent, by expanding its liquid reach in the form of an ERC20 token economy deployment.

The AI Protocol enables any ALI Agent to further enhance their liquidity by issuing ERC-20 Tokens. An Agent's Token can be used to further enfranchise the economy and community of an Agent and its Keyholders, adding a layer of incentives and rewards, as well as opportunities to token-gate off chain community events and organization. The issuer of the ALI Agent Token can choose to use those Tokens as Airdrops and/or create an ALI Agent Token Liquidity Pool, allowing anyone to participate in this economy through an ALI Agent Token exchange.

The owner of a Prime Agent can also engage existing ALI utility token holders to grow their Prime Agent community, by offering airdrops to ALI token holders and by pairing ALI with their newly deployed Agent token, in order to provide choice distribution mechanisms to their Agent's community.

The combination of bonding curve Keys and Tokens allow ALI Agents a broad range of flexible monetization options, putting power into the hands of the Agent's owner and Key Holders to optimize their Agent's progression as a creative and economic onchain AI system.

Emote Engine

Prime Agents that are launched from winning the Prime Agent status in the Arena can take advantage of a new intelligent AI model system, that allows for the Agent's avatar to be ugraded with expressive hi-fidelity emotive animation. To learn more about this upgrade in interactive capability, visit the Emote Engine section.

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