AI Protocol V0.1

AI Protocol V 0.1

In early 2021, the AI Protocol deployed the first iteration of the AI Protocol (V 0.1) on the Ethereum network. This first version of the protocol offered a powerful proof of concept by enabling the creation of the world’s first Intelligent NFT (iNFT): Alice.

The initial concept of an iNFT was originated and invented by Arif Khan, the CEO of Alethea AI, and was first presented through Andrew Steinwold’s Zima Red Newsletter published on April 6, 2021. The iNFT standard represented a foundational shift in combining two exponential technologies (artificial intelligence and Blockchain) that are set to transform the world.

Powered by artificial intelligence, Alice was immediately recognized as the most technologically advanced NFT created at that time. She represented the convergence of art and technology – a digital NFT character with a personality, and the ability to respond independently using generative AI.

Alice was sold by the famed Sotheby’s auction house as the world’s first iNFT for $478,800. The publicity surrounding her sale gave the world a glimpse of the future of generative AI, in the form of iNFTs embedded with AI animation, voice synthesis and generative AI capabilities.

With the success of the Alice iNFT, Alethea AI had demonstrated a solid proof of concept for iNFTs and the AI Protocol - even in its early stages. V 0.1 of the AI Protocol offered a strong foundation to build upon. Having successfully demonstrated the utility and need for this technology, the Alethea AI team set their goals on ensuring that the AI Protocol’s future iterations were more durable and versatile in its functionalities.

The smart contracts for AI Protocol V 0.1 can be found here:

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