ALI Token Reserves and Vesting

As per our Tokenomics, we will have the following ALI Token Reserves and Vesting:

Keeping in line with the above, and in the spirit of full transparency, the various ALI Token Reserves are held in the following ETH addresses:

AI Protocol Ecosystem Development Reserve

Allocation: 3,700,000,000 ALI Tokens

Initial Unlock: 185,000,000

ETH Address: 0x26aAf7491588d4fF1146523917Fb196B307603C8

The 325,000,000 ALI Tokens that were reserved for the Token Distribution Auction and were not utilized during the TDA are in the same wallet as the Ecosystem Development Reserve.

AI Protocol Private and Strategic Sale Reserve

Allocation: 2,300,000,000 ALI Tokens

Initial Unlock: 230,000,000

ETH Address: 0x562B3143b566920becAb5f477C1c55c0FCBEcDDd

AI Protocol Team and Advisor Reserve

Allocation: 2,000,000,000 ALI Tokens

Initial Unlock: 100,000,000

ETH Address: 0x5c17ed4B16672Fd134b9046957e3FE68A7e8A139

AI Protocol Marketing Reserve

Allocation: 1,000,000,000 ALI Tokens

Initial Unlock: 100,000,000

ETH Address: 0x6244b5c1E3056298055df674dA546e319711afA8

AI Protocol Treasury Reserve

Allocation: 500,000,000 ALI Tokens

Initial Unlock: 0

ETH Address: 0x46d608d34D1d4e94Eb15329747ceF7E5f5854C00

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