Intelligence Pods

An Intelligence Asset With Utility

An Intelligence Pod is an ERC-721 Asset that forms a critical part of the AI Protocol and is a necessary component in the creation of an iNFT. Any NFT from an NFT Collection that is compatible with and supported by the AI Protocol can be turned into an iNFT, once it is fused with an Intelligence Pod on Noah's Ark.

The Intelligence Pod's necessity arises from the AI Protocol's non-custodial framework. Rather than swapping, wrapping, staking, locking, or changing a user’s NFT in any other way, the AI Protocol enacts no technical change on the underlying NFT when turning it into an iNFT. Rather, the Intelligence Pod serves as a medium for the iNFT to access Intelligence that flows from the AI Protocol's generative AI models and systems on the Intelligence Layer - like CharacterGPT.

When an iNFT is created by fusing the user’s NFT with an intelligence Pod, it is the intelligence Pod that gets locked in the AI Protocol, and as long as the fusion is maintained between the NFT and the intelligence Pod, the NFT is considered to be an iNFT. Each NFT can only link with one Intelligence Pod at a time. The AI Protocol, in effect, has an immutable registry of the fusions between NFTs and intelligence Pods.

Once an Intelligence Pod is fused with an NFT from any supported NFT collection, the Pod’s level is transferred to the iNFT it’s linked to, allowing for unique customization, fine-tuning of iNFT’s various parameters, and the personalization of the iNFT to fit the owner’s taste - all of which depend on the Intelligence Level of the Intelligence Pod

Providing Compute Resources to Hives

With the previous version of the AI Protocol, Pods initially provided personality parameters, and then they evolved to provide intelligence to dApps. Now, they have taken the next evolutionary step to provide compute resources to Hives.

In the AI Protocol's latest advancement, Intelligence Pods have evolved as on-chain representations of off-chain compute, crystallizing a novel approach to decentralized computational resources. Previous iterations of AI-powered assets (like iNFTs) within the AI Protocol have relied on centralized access to computational resources, which restricted their scalability and interoperability. With the launch of the AI Protocol V3, anyone can contribute their GPU resources to the AI Protocol’s ecosystem and help the assets within the AI Protocol’s ecosystem achieve decentralized access to AI Models and other resources.

In particular, the ALI Agent - which are tokenized AI Systems within the AI Protocol - rely on distributed inference clusters of GPUs to access computational resources in a decentralized manner. These distributed inference clusters along with other resources such as storage and datasets, are provided to ALI Agents by a new on-chain component in the Intelligence Layer of the AI Protocol: Hives. Anyone looking to contribute their GPUs to these inference clusters, must first connect their Intelligence Pods with a Hive of their choice. Intelligence Pods, thus, represent the on-chain representations of off-chain GPUs; enabling coordination between a variety of entities to enable decentralized AI access for tokenized AI Systems within the AI Protocol.

While Intelligence Pods remain capable of fusing with NFTs to create an iNFT (an intelligent and interactive NFT), they have become more decentralized, scalable, and interoperable. This ability to provide resources to Hives demonstrates the power of decentralized human iteration with the technology. Its evolution is a direct result of training and refining its capacities, based on millions of interactions by users and owners of Intelligence Pods and iNFTs.

Depending on the Intelligence Level of the Pod, its ability to provide more compute resources, and be rewarded by their contribution to a Hive it has joined, increases relative to which Level the Pod is upgraded to.

Compute Provision As Tokenized Governance

The Intelligence Pods also help in the governance of the shared computational resources that are dedicated to the AI Protocol by a variety of its contributors. These contributors have committed a certain amount of GPUs to be used within the AI Protocol’s ecosystem, and they connect those GPUs to the Hives that have a large number of Pods connected to it by the AI Protocol’s community. In summary, the Intelligence Pod holders can connect their Pods to a Hive even if they do not own a GPU - by connecting their Pods, the community helps in the governance of the allocation of computational resources that the AI Protocol contributors have dedicated for the overall ecosystem. This governance helps new Hives which may not have dedicated GPUs at their launch to kick start their ecosystem, and provide AI services.

The AI Protocol offers a versatile contribution model by enabling users to provide GPU power directly to Hives or connect their Intelligence Pods to these Hives. This innovation positions Intelligence Pods as pivotal assets within the ecosystem, where connecting a Pod to a Hive directly translates to contributing computational power, akin to deploying a GPU. This symbiotic relationship ensures that users are rewarded by the Hives for their contributions, reinforcing the value of Intelligence Pods as integral components of the AI Protocol’s infrastructure.

Level 5 Intelligence Pods

Beyond their new role, Intelligence Pods retain their foundational capabilities, enabling the creation of intelligent NFTs (iNFTs) by fusing with other NFTs, allowing the creation of decentralized applications (dApps) on the AI Protocol, and at Level 5, empowering ALI Agents with the ability to launch new Hives. This multifaceted utility highlights Intelligence Pods as indispensable assets, driving forward the ecosystem's innovative and collaborative potential. The AI Protocol incentivizes the ecosystem's growth by ensuring that Intelligence Pods can be connected to Hives for rewards, underscoring the critical role these pods play in representing and mobilizing computing resources.

The mechanism allows for more dynamic participation in the AI Protocol, where users leveraging their Intelligence Pods or GPUs bolster the collective computational capability, driving forward the AI Protocol's vision of a decentralized, efficient, and collaborative digital future. The rewards earned from connecting Pods to Hives scale with the level of the Intelligence Pod, where higher-level Pods contribute greater computational power and, in turn, garner more substantial rewards.

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