How To Create A Hive

Upgrading to a Level 5 ALI Agent to create a Hive

The process of creating new Hives involves three components:

The Hive Registry

Technically, a Hive is not a digital asset or a separate smart contract. The AI Protocol allows the creation and tracking of Hives via the Hives Registry Contract. This contract, among other things, keeps on-chain records of which Hives exist, provides on-chain details of those Hives, tracks the various assets linked with them, and enables tokens to register as ALI Agents.

A new Hive, therefore, can only be created on-chain via the Hive Registry Contract. Anyone can visit the AI Protocol's GitHub section on How To Create A Hive to do so.

It is important to note that as per this release of the AI Protocol V3, new Hives can only be created on the Ethereum Mainnet. While the other chains might have deployments of the Hive Registry Contract, they would not be able to use the contract to create a new Hive.

With the upgrade to the AI Protocol V3, the smart contracts that enable Intelligence Pods to function have only been deployed on the Ethereum Mainnet, and Intelligence Pods are a necessary element in the creation of a new Hive.

The Level 5 Intelligence Pod

Intelligence Pods are the native assets (NFTs) of the AI Protocol. Intelligence Pods have the capacity to be “fused” on-chain with other NFTs. This on-chain fusion record between an Intelligence Pod and an NFT enables the latter to offer various AI Services as an iNFT. The Intelligence Pods are already being utilized within the AI Protocol to create iNFTs on Ethereum, and until recently, had the maximum Intelligence Level of 4.

The AI Protocol V3 brings with it a variety of major upgrades to the utility of Intelligence Pods.

To start with, Intelligence Pods can now be upgraded to have a Level 5 Intelligence Level. The AI Protocol V3 also lowers the number of ALI Tokens required to upgrade the Pods across all Intelligence Levels - which will result in a higher number of participants being able to upgrade and increase the utility of their Pods.

The Hive Registry Contract enforces that a new Hive can only be created by utilizing a Level 5 Intelligence Pod. Any ALI Agent fused with a Level 5 Pod can utilize the Hive Registry Contract to create one Hive.

The diagram below illustrates the process of creating a new Hive:

As can be seen from the diagram, the creation of a new Hive also sees the minting of the Hive’s own ERC-20 utility token, a portion of which is reserved for the Level 5 ALI Agent owner that created the Hive. The Hive’s own utility token, along with extra incentives created via the ALI Token, help a new Hive kickstart its ecosystem by attracting resource providers and consumers.

Apart from enabling the creation of new Hives, Intelligence Pods are also needed by those seeking to contribute GPU resources. Essentially, anyone looking to contribute computational resources to their preferred Hive and start earning rewards, will first need to link their Intelligence Pod with a Hive using the Hive Registry Contract.

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