Intelligent and Interactive Non-Fungible Tokens

An iNFT is an AI-powered Intelligent NFT with its own personality and can create unique decentralized applications that provide AI Services to any AI Protocol Compatible Assets. The term iNFT is an abbreviation for Intelligent Non-Fungible Token. In essence, an iNFT brings to life the underlying unique digital item of its NFT by using the generative powers of Artificial Intelligence.

As a simple analogy equates iNFTs to Humans with three parts:

  1. Body: ERC 721 that shows the image/PFP

  2. Soul: A Pod with different Intelligence Levels

  3. Mind: As the Soul matures in Intelligence Levels, the Mind is capable of performing higher order services that can be offered on the AI Protocol

Any Protocol-supported NFT can be turned into an iNFT via the AI Protocol on Noah’s Ark. This is achieved by fusing the NFT with another ERC-721 asset called the Intelligence Pod. Once the NFT is fused with an Intelligence Pod, it acquires its own unique AI-powered personality.

While ALI Agents are an evolutionary breakthrough, spawned by an iNFT's capacity to provide AI Services, iNFTs represent a much more personalized and private AI assets. An iNFT has been limited in its capacity to be interoperable and scalable, and lacks the power to provide multimodal AI system functions that optimize the crowdsourcing of creation in the ways that ALI Agents can.

ALI Agents are designed especially to consume resources of a Hive to provide for communities of shared interest, with its decentralized ownership, architecture, rewards, and experiences. An iNFT's utility is not only for providing the compute resources to a Hive that are needed for ALI Agents to consume, but they are perfect for anyone to own a personal AI asset that can make an NFT image animate, interact, and provide custom content in its own unique way.

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