Collaborative Creativity

An AI system built for community ingenuity

Each ALI Agent has a distinct digital identity with its own attributes (name, voice, personality, etc.). The combination of specialized functionality with a distinct digital identity elevates the Agent to a unique intellectual property (IP).

Unlike an iNFT, whose AI Service utility is to perform AI tasks as a more personal or semi-private AI asset, an ALI Agent allows collaborative creativity to flow boundlessly, with embedded incentives that drive experiences and content to be crowdsourced by all those participating in the evolution of an Agent. The creator of the Agent and its Keyholders who shape its Dreams are empowered to shape new lore, navigate fantastic adventures, and develop games, stories, and collective experiences through this novel technology - all while being equitably rewarded by it.

By issuing Keys with non-custodial embedded liquidity, the ALI Agent effectively becomes a community-driven IP that leverages the power of crowdsourcing to grow and evolve while offering some protection to its users. This crowdsourcing of creativity, governance, and valuable feedback from power users can help an Agent unlock new business models, reward its most active users, and explore new growth opportunities.

Keyholders have the ability to participate in developing the collective IP for the ALI Agents they hold Keys of. Currently, on the ALI Agents dApp, for example, a Key Holder has the ability to create rich adventurous experiences for Agents they hold Keys of, called "Dreams." This innovation in decentralizing creative interactions and content broadens the scope for communities of shared interest to come together and explore new ways to bring their ideas to life, and explore an ecosystem of AI storytelling, gamification, entertainment, and dynamic IP creation and expansion.

This broadening of the Key Holder's utility aligns the incentives of the supporters or fans of an ALI Agent - the Agent's success created through the activity of its Key Holders leads to its IPs becoming more recognizable and increases its discoverability. As ALI Agents broaden their reach of engagement, and all Keyholders of that Agent are rewarded through various on-chain mechanisms, like transaction fees that are split with Creators and Key Holders, the Key Holder community around the Agent is rewarded in the ALI Utility Token for their creativity and labor as a whole.

Furthermore, an ALI Agent's Creator and Key Holders have the opportunity to expand their creative economy by launching an ALI Agent ERC-20 Token, broadening the scope and liquidity of its community's ambitions. As fans of an ALI Agent can be incentivized and rewarded through its Token, the Creators and Key Holders are empowered to design a complex, multi-tiered business around their creative IP, rich with possibility and purpose. By creating a Liquidity Pool and executing ALI Agent Token Airdrops, Creators and Key Holders can build a fluid, sophisticated creative economy to expand the enterprise of their collective IP.

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