AI Protocol History

Evolution of the AI Protocol

Previous iterations of the smart contracts that power the AI Protocol have been improved and upgraded over the years, enabling new and complex artificial intelligence services to be executed on chain. As various off chain AI technology innovations are being made, they have required tokenized assets like iNFTs, Intelligence Pods, and ARKIVs to adapt and be evolved to grow their capacities to deliver powerful AI services through on chain activities.

With this evolution, the ability for persistent, algorithmic software execution in the form of smart contracts have been levelled up to meet those challenges. With each upgrade to the AI Protocol, new smart contracts are developed and deployed to build the architecture that permits these new AI services and tokenized asset capacities to function.

In this section, each major upgrade to the Protocol is reviewed, allowing for transparent access to the record of the important enhancements to this suite of cutting edge AI technology on the blockchain.

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