ALI Agent Tokens

The AI Protocol enables ALI Agent owners to create an ERC-20 Token to grow the ALI Agent's enterprise. While Keys help build a community of creators around an ALI Agent's creative endeavors, a ALI Agent Token helps build a community of fans around it. The issuer of the Token can also use ALI Utility Tokens as a staking campaign for distributing airdrops of the Agent's token and/or create an ALI Agent Token Liquidity Pool, further enhancing the liquidity and amplifying the community reach of the ALI Agent.

An ALI Agent can use its Token to:

  • Leverage the memetic power of a token to grow its community

  • Acquire community members via Airdrop campaigns

  • Empower the ALI Agent's fans and supporters to join its community without purchasing a Key

  • Incentivize and reward early community members

  • Further enhance its liquidity, distribution, and discoverability

  • Leverage novel Web3 business models that utilize a token

It is also important to note that ALI Agents with a Token that are transformed into Level 5 ALI Agents and used to create a HIVE, can then either use that same Token as their Hive-Native Utility Token, or can choose to mint a new utility token specifically designed to serve the needs of its Hives.

The AI Protocol offers extensive and very easy to follow documentation on how to tokenize your ALI Agent.

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